Move-In Day

ana 3When you look at students on move-in day, everyone is super excited. For me specifically it was being able to decorate my room. Making your college room yours is critical throughout your semesters living there. It has the capability to determine your mood for a significant amount of time. Some people like simple rooms, while others like rooms that are much more decorated. Some people may also choose whether or not they are going to study in their room or not based on how they feel about the setup. Just remember to always go with the one in which you feel like you will feel at home.

Another component of move-in day is getting to know you roommates. It’s important to start talking to them pretty early on so you can know the type of person they are. Establishing a good roommate relationship is important for a positive college experience.

Moving away to college is often time something that college students envision when they simply think about college, but I feel as though we underestimate the emotions that flow throughout that day. When I thought about move-in day and finally being able to live on my own I was filled with an intense excitement, I was ready to decorate my room in the residence hall and I was ready to get college on the road. But when the day hit, I realized that I was filled with a lot more emotion than I thought. I realized that I would probably never be moving back into my house with my parents and I was starting to create my own path.

Move-in day is a thrilling experience and it is importance should not be underestimated. For me it was an experience that I will never forget and that marked the start to my career and life goals.


Ana Ablanedo MoralesAna Ablanedo Morales
B.S. Child Learning & Development
Class of 2020
The University of Texas at Dallas


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