Comet Chaos

This last January I was able to attend UTD’s first ever Comet Chaos, a mid-year pep rally where students could come together to celebrate the teams who were just starting their season. Raising Cane’s chicken was handing out free food, students were throwing t-shirts, Cokes, and the music was blaring. I could tell as I walked in the door that this was going to be a fun night. Then the show began.

Comet Power Dancers sprang into the spotlight with synchronized enthusiasm. Soon after, the cheerleaders joined in, flipping, cartwheeling, and pumping up the crowd for the big show. Then entered America’s Got Talent finalist Christian and Scooby. Though I had seen the duo in action before at a Mavericks game, their routine still managed to excite and impress me. Christian, a talented gymnasts, would balance on pommels and perform hand-stands or flips only to be mimicked by his chihuahua Scooby. If the cheers for the Power Dancers were loud, they were nothing compared to the screams that a tiny dog balancing on a basketball could garner. All in all, it was a rousing performance that stirred up the crowd and got everyone sufficiently psyched to cheer on the players and they walked through the door.

Though Comet Chaos was a fun night filled with free food, it also served a broader cause.  We have talented sports teams across the board at UTD, they can often go largely forgotten or unsupported by a majority of the campus population. After all, we have shirts that read ‘Keep UTD Nerdy’ for a reason. But supporting our sports teams not only provides our players with a great morale boosts, it also helps to unite us as a university. For a few hours, we are not ATEC majors or JSOM majors or even EPPS majors. We stand up and cheer on our teams as Comets; loud, united, and proud. Whoosh.


Maddie KeithMaddie Keith
B.A. Political Science
Class of 2019
The University of Texas at Dallas


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