New Organizations- Why You Should Start One

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 5.43.24 PMCollege is where you finally get the chance to do what you want to do. Therefore, I decided to passionately pursue this by starting my own organization on campus, SSDHL Dance Crew (Step, Street Dance, Hip Hop, and Latin Dance Crew). Although I still am in the process of putting in the application for the organization, I have found both challenging aspects and rewarding aspects, but none of the challenges can defeat your goal, if you are driven. It has been difficult to recruit people for the organization, but those that have chosen to join are just as driven as I am, and that is extremely exciting for me.

Sometimes it can feel like no organization is quite the fit for you, but be assured that you are probably not the only other person on campus that feels that way. My dance team in high school was my “safe place”. Although there are several dance organizations on campus, I found none that had step. There are all types of different people looking for all types of different organizations. For me at first it was scary to try to start a new one because I thought so many things could go wrong, when in reality the only thing wrong with what I was doing prior was not pursuing an experience I wanted in college. I wanted a dance team I had always dreamed being a part of and I was determined to pursue it.


A lot of people can tell you that making a new organization would be a lot of work, and in the end it may not even be worth it. But it is important to remember that the work you put into creating a new organization is the level of enthusiasm your organization will have. Although it is a long process, it is certainly not hard and extremely possible.

I personally feel like starting an organization will be my proudest moment of my college experience. Yes, I am here to get a degree, but in the end, you won’t just remember your classes in college, but rather you will also remember how much fun you had and how you pursued what you actually wanted to do. These types of opportunities are not something you get to do on a daily basis, take the chance and start the organization you have always dreamed of.

Ana Ablanedo MoralesAna Ablanedo Morales
B.S. Child Learning & Development
Class of 2020
The University of Texas at Dallas


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