Everyday is a New Step

Starting a new year is difficult. With new achievements come even bigger obstacles, be it monetary problems or a problem within the family, everyone faces their own challenges, and those with depression are no different.

I have had depression since middle school, and honestly, it has caused great difficulty for me when it comes to self-improvement. Its’ effects extend into my daily and student life, and while with time you can learn to live with it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it feels easier to deal with. People have bad days, even the most healed ones.

Yet, there are methods to help work through depression, and can help you manage your goals and your day-to-day life better.

1. Lists/Journals

Mentally trying to keep track of everything can be extremely overwhelming. Having a planner or somewhere to break down daily tasks solves this problem. Additionally, by writing it on paper, you can break down what needs to be done and what doesn’t, prioritizing your tasks accordingly to what you need to do.
Maria 2.3

2. Get Involved

Humans need changes of pace or otherwise they feel like things are stagnate. UT Dallas has over 300 club organizations, ranging from Greek Life to the Unicycle Club to the Fencing Club, yet all of these organizations have something in common. All of them give you a goal to strive for. Not only do you get some variety in life, but you also get to try something new with people who might someday be friends. Variety is the spice of life, so check out the next Club Fair and see what you can find

3. Clean your room

Your bedroom is your safe place, the one place you can retreat to if you are having a bad day where you’re overwhelmed. Cleaning it a bit helps you organize yourself, utilizing more areas in your room rather than isolating yourself to just your bed. Organizing bit by bit every day is an achievement, so be proud of it.

4. Find an outside nook

The beauty of the campus here at UT Dallas is that every single building has little nooks, hidden or seen, that are great, quiet places to spend time in that you can pick based on what you’re comfortable with. For example, I prefer the Arts and Technology building’s mini-plinth. I can study there quietly, I also can see people and interact with them. You may be more comfortable in the Founders’ building in a nice hidden area with fewer people. Both of these, among others, are excellent choices, as they get you out of the house and can break up to monotony of day to day life.


Maria 2.1

5. Student Counseling Center at UT Dallas

Depression can be a monster to defeat alone. The Student Counseling Center in the Student Services Building, 4th floor, is a resource that is there to help students tackle their obstacles, be it depression or otherwise. The counselors there are open to listen and to help. While one-on-one therapy is available to help students reach out slowly, in a space they may feel more comfortable in, they also offer group therapy sessions that can help students learn to be open with what they are feeling and can help them connect with other people who understands as well. Nonetheless, never hesitate to call them.

Every step you take forward, however small, still brings you closer to where you want to be. Be proud of that.


Maria NeblettMaria Neblett
B.A. Arts and Technology
Class of 2019
University of Texas at Dallas




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