ben 1Thanksgiving break went by fast, but Friendsgiving was still to come! As a college student, you may find yourself feeling lonely and/or homesick, which is why finding friends to do things with is super important! During my first year at UT Dallas, I wanted to find a group of friends to connect with on a close and meaningful level, so I joined a campus ministry called, “F.O.C.U.S.” This ministry is where I met most of my closest friends that I have lunch with regularly and share about my life and worries. Your parents and childhood friends might be a ways a way, but you can always make new friends – some of which may turn out to be lifelong friends.

benUT Dallas has many on campus ministries, of all denominations and religions, as well as other organizations that you can join to put your interests into action and make new friends. Whether you want to build a race car with Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE), or if you want to play chess with the multiple chess clubs, or go outdoors with some of the action clubs, or want to meet people with a similar career in mind with the major-related clubs, there are over 300 on-campus organizations for you to make part of your new home. In my experience, with myself and friends, you’ll end up being much happier if you get to share your passions with other people, and joining an on-campus organization may just be the thing to do that!

Finding friends in college is essential. They’ll be the ones you go to study with, the ones you go to when you’ve aced your test, the ones you go to when you’re having relationship troubles, and the ones you go to when you’re at your lowest, so they can bring you back to your best. The group of friends in the pictures are part of my study group, and they’re seen about to chow down on some serious grub. We’re talking Cane’s chicken, cheddar and chives eggs, Hawaiian salad, watermelon, bacon, green bean bundles (wrapped in bacon), hummus, homemade beans and sausage, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and of course, some good old honey-baked ham. You don’t have to drive back home to be home. Home is where your family is. And at UT Dallas, your family just might get a little bit bigger.


Ben Jones246
B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2020
The University of Texas at Dallas


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