Spending Break at UT Dallas

MariaYour family is unable to meet up for the holiday for a myriad of reasons, leaving you on campus for the entirety of Thanksgiving break, with no idea what to do.

Contrary to popular belief, spending a holiday or a short break on campus is not necessarily a bad thing. As a student whose family used to live overseas, I have been there, and I can honestly say I had a blast during my times on campus during break. So, here’s what you can do, from somebody who’s been in your shoes.

Go to Campus Events:

The campus is officially opened until a certain day even during break, meaning that up to that point, it is still running. The university is also aware of that fact that some students will be unable to go back home for Thanksgiving or Spring Break, and thus have events running the entire time. The Arts and Technology Center shows a different film every year, some residence halls have potlucks, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out what the school has to offer you, and you’ll have a grand time.

Utilize the Facilities:

Again, the university is open for a while. The Activity Center, the Student Union, the Library and countless other buildings are still available for usage to all the students. You can work out at the Activity Center, or study at the Library, or explore and search for your new, favorite study spot. There are options available to the students so that they can utilize free time wisely, be it during the semester or during mid-semester breaks.Break 1

Local Area:

The area around the university has shopping centers, restaurants, theaters, fun activity centers and much, much more. Break gives you time to familiarize yourself with the area, and find all sorts of hotspots nearby to spend a grand time at. A restaurant you’ll like, a local attraction you didn’t know about, that movie you really wanted to see but didn’t have time for because of class; there’s lots to do off campus as well without having to go too far, whether you are on your own or with friends.


This brings us to a crucial point: you are not the only student left on campus during this time. Guaranteed there are others in the same position as you, perhaps even people you know. Reach out to friends, make new ones at campus events, and enjoy your break together with a fun group of people.

Maria NeblettMaria Neblett
B.A. Arts and Technology
Class of 2019
University of Texas at Dallas


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