Get Up, Get Out, and Have Fun!

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The school year has ended and like many students, I have no idea of what I want to do this summer. Each year I tell myself “You know what, this is going to be the best summer ever;” however, Netflix and my bed seem to always get the best of my time and summer, but this summer is going to be different, I can feel it. Recently I sat down and thought of fun-filled suggestions and activities so that my summer, and hopefully your summer will be the best one yet.

I know many students that travel back to their hometowns for a few months of the summer to hang out with family and reconnect with friends. I also know students dread going home because they feel that there is nothing fun to do. However, what many students fail to realize is that there are so many great activities and places to visit right in their own backyard, figuratively speaking of course! I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and in my 20 years of residing here, I never realized how I had so much to do and so many new places to go. The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area is such an awesome place to venture out and try new places such as restaurants or trampoline parks. Granted, every city is unique but I’m sure that each town has its own hidden treasures that its residents have never taken advantage of. So I highly recommend going to that restaurant that you pass going home every day, but never stop to try or visit that new cool looking building because fun could possibly be awaiting you, it’s just waiting for you to give it a chance.

In addition to exploring your city, you could explore the option of working. I know you’re probably thinking, “are you serious right now?” but yes, I am serious. Getting a job over the summer is not only a great way for you to earn a little extra money, but it allows you to develop professional skills, instead of sitting on the couch, binge watching a Netflix original series. Working, in general, provides you with skills that could help you in the future competitive workforce. As students, it is important that we have some work-related experience and the ability to communicate effectively with others. So if your goal this summer is to avoid being the couch and bed potato, working could possibly be a great option for you.

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Lastly, I highly recommend traveling. Stepping out of your comfort zone and your city’s limits could be the breath of fresh air and adventure you need. Traveling gives you the option to live outside of your everyday norms and experience a new environment and culture. Even if you’re traveling an hour or two to a nearby city or town, there is an opportunity for you to have the time of your life, so why not live a little and travel.

Hopefully these suggestions have sparked your interest and made you think of some awesome places and activities for the summer.


Edrianna NormentEdrianna- 2016
Class of 2019
B.S. Global Business
The University of Texas at Dallas


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