Office of Technology and Commercialization at UT Dallas


This summer, I began my internship at the Office of Technology and Commercialization at UT Dallas. I asked the office if I could be involved because of my interest in patent law and consideration of becoming a patent attorney. They were very enthusiastic and ready to share their wealth of knowledge with me. For those who may not know, the office has a variety of functions, but deals primarily with technology transfer. This means that if a professor, student, or someone affiliated with the university invents something, the inventor typically must alert the office and further discuss if they would like to try to patent their invention, and if so, commercialize it.

Of course, a substantial amount of my work is confidential, so it is difficult for me to explain in depth what I do on a day to day basis. However, on a superficial level, a majority of my work consists of researching inventions and seeing if there is “prior art” pertaining to them or prior inventions/research about the technology in question that would not allow it to be patented. All of the individuals in the office are extremely resourceful and are very articulate when explaining the intricate and complex nature of patent law. With this internship, I’m not only gaining experience by working in the office itself, but also a substantial amount of insight into the patent world that will be of great benefit if I do decide to take the patent bar.


Another perk to this experience is that the office is located on campus. This is not only extremely convenient considering my housing location for the summer, but also it centralizes all of my summer activities. I didn’t know this office existed prior to my interest in law, which surprises me immensely and underscores an important concept of being at UT Dallas. A variety of experiences and opportunities are always right under your nose, you just have to go looking for them.


Kelly Cody
B.S. Biologykelly-2016
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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