Washington D.C.: The Best Place for Me

Photo 1

As part of the Collegium V Honors program at UT Dallas, I had the privilege of going on a trip to Washington D.C.! I was able to visit the Supreme Court (my dream home), the Holocaust Museum, the African American History and Culture Museum, the National Art Gallery, and the Library of Congress. Dr. Anthony Champagne (one of UTD’s pre-law professors) actually gave us a tour of the memorials along the National Mall, which was a one-of-a-kind experience. I’ve always wanted to live in D.C., and any time spent there was time well spent for me. I successfully navigated the subway system, and was pretty proud of myself for doing so! We even got the chance to walk around Chinatown.

One of the best parts of the trip was meeting my fellow honors college students. Before this trip, I had the same friends that I’ve had since freshman year but now, my social circle has expanded.  I had the opportunity to meet many students studying a variety of subjects at UTD, as well as students at varying points in their undergraduate career. Not only did I get to hear and learn from a variety of different perspectives, but I also had the chance to share some of my own experiences with others.

Photo 2

It was so fulfilling to share the experience of visiting Washington D.C. with the other honors college students. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about having to meet and live with people who I’ve never seen, let alone have never talked to before. But, everything turned out much better than I expected. This trip has encouraged me to attend more honors college and other university events. Even though I’m now a senior, I can still make new and strong friendships as this trip has really helped me foster those relationships.

Neha Singhneha-2016
B.S. Neuroscience
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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