How to Save Money in College

College fund savings

Receiving your degree can be an expensive endeavor, no matter what university you attend. With tuition prices and student debt levels on the rise, it’s important to have a financial game plan when heading off to college. With a little effort, it’s easy to bring your costs down, so here are a few things that worked for me!

  1. Transportation – I’ve already discussed biking (in a previous blog), which is my main form of transportation. You can also get a  DART pass from UT Dallas, which allows you to use the public transportation system in the Dallas area for free. I use the DART quite a bit, and have had no trouble without a car for three years.
  2. Food – I’ve also talked about food in my previous blog posts, IMG_1749but this is one that most college students could improve on a lot. Many of my friends go out to eat multiple times every week, which adds up fast. Learn to cook on your own, and you can even make food for your friends (I’ve done this a few times, and it’s always more enjoyable than going to a restaurant).
  3. Housing – Whether you’re living on campus or off campus, the more roommates you have the cheaper your rent is going to be. I understand that some people just want to live alone, but if you find people who have the same habits as you (bed time, temperature, etc) it can be really easy and fun to live with others.
  4. Travel – Many students want to take an extravagant trip to a different country IMG_1313for spring break or whenever they have time off. I think traveling is a rewarding experience, but the international trips might be easier to afford once you’re out of debt and have a stable job. Consider taking road trips with your friends (and the more friends you have the cheaper it will be, and more fun!). You can also quench your thirst for exploration by studying abroad, and often you can find lots of scholarships that will allow you to study abroad at the same cost or cheaper than a semester at school.

I hope these tips helped you out!

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B.S. Economics & Finance
Class of 2018
University of Texas at Dallas


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