Pre-Law Opportunities at UT Dallas


Order in the court. Today we have the Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center (PLARC) at UT Dallas on the docket. With a higher than national average 91% acceptance rate into law schools, PLARC knows what it takes to gain entrance into law school. Located in Founders Building room 2.210, Dr. Anthony Champagne and Ms. Anne Dutia are tough and tested and will to assist anyone in pursuit of a legal career. Whether you’re a Biology or International Political Economy student, the advisors ensure you’re taking the proper courses necessary to become a prime candidate for your law school of choice.

The John Marshall Pre-Law Society is a student organization within PLARC. This organization schedules events like: law school panels where in- and out-of-state law schools can answer any questions pertaining to the admissions processes, how to help fund your stint in law school and various internships and clerkships around the DFW area. Members can also run for offices to add further experience to their resumes.

Have you ever wanted a taste of the legal field before actually making the decision to attend law school? Mock trail, moot court and mediation teams might be for you. Mock trial gives students a simulated run of what a trial would look like as a prosecuting and defense attorneys. Moot Court is designed for those who are looking to practice advocacy and appellate cases. Mediation, the newest team on the pre-law competitive teams looks at alternative methods of resolving suits without having to hash it out in a court of law. All teams compete in the Anthony Champagne courtroom, modeled after a typical Texas State court room.

Practicing as an attorney may not be for everyone but for those who fit the bill, the PLARC is a service waiting to be used. From a resume builder to a networking opportunities, you are set up for success for when you decide to further your education.

Austin Raines Austin Raines
B.S. International Political Economy
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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