Assortment of Study Spots on Campus

The UT Dallas campus spreads out over 500 acres of land just north of Dallas.  With all the campus improvements made over the past decade, we have added over 1 million square feet of interior spaces and you know what that means…more study spaces for students to literally inhabit (especially during mid-terms and finals’ week).

Now, I know that every person studies a little differently and may consider many different factors when picking that one place to go after that 4.0, but these are the three I’ll focus on for this post:

  1. Noise level: how loud the area is (1 being dead silent and 5 being front row at a UTD men’s soccer game)
  2. Social potential: how likely are you to run into someone you know (1 being not very, and 5 being almost definitely)
  3. Availability: how likely are you to find a spot (1 is standing room only, 5 is completely empty)

With all those factors in mind, let’s look at a couple of my favorite places to be productive on campus.

The Library (Engineering Open Access Lab)

The library is definitely the most diverse study area on campus.  There are four floors of open spaces and private study rooms available to students.  My personal favorite is the engineering open access lab (EOAL) on the 3rd floor.  This area has tables for group work, numerous computers, and even cubicles in one area.

Noise Level: 3

Social Potential: 3

Distraction Level: 2

This area is great for people who like a little background noise and wouldn’t mind a quick study break to catch up with a friend or go grab something from the vending machines on the 1st floor.


The Plinth

This open area is what I like to think of as our heart of campus.  With outlets lining the stadium seats, it’s easy to plug in and enjoy being outside.

Noise Level: 4

Social Potential: 4

Distraction Level: 4

This study spot is ideal for those who enjoy being outside and social while studying or aren’t cramming for an exam.  It’s definitely a great place to run into friends, people watch, and enjoy the warm Texas weather.

TI Plaza
TI Plaza

TI Plaza is just north of the Plinth and shares some of the same benefits with both of the aforementioned study areas, plus a few more of its own.

Noise Level: 2

Social Potential: 3

Distraction Level: 2

While this area has very similar ratings to the library, it is outdoors and a great place for students to get the best of both a quieter study area and the beautiful outdoors.

Well future Comets, I hope this has given you a small intro to some of the different places to get studying done on campus and I hope to see you there!Becca 2016

Becca Macaluso
B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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