Internship Hunting


Alright future Comets, it’s that time of year again: internship application season!

Ok, so maybe it isn’t that exciting for some, but it definitely is something to pay attention to and look out for once you get into college. Most companies will place higher value on applicants that have had previous work experience and an internship is a great way to get that experience to jumpstart a career.

When going internship hunting, there are a couple things you need to ask yourself:

Where can I find internship opportunities?

If there is a company that you already have in mind, do a bit of research to see what opportunities they have for student interns. If you don’t have any specific companies in mind, check with the UT Dallas career center or other search engines like Indeed. With all of these resources, it is fairly easy to filter based on different categories like:

  • Paid or volunteer internship
  • Part time or full time position
  • Location of the internship

Another great resource are professors. If there is a particular class that you enjoy during the semester, take time to talk to the professor either after class or during office hours to see if they know of companies or even research labs that are looking for undergraduate interns.

What kind of environment do I want to work in?

Before applying to an internship, take a look at what other interns or even full time employees have said about working for that company or participating in that program. For specific companies, sites like Glassdoor will have reviews from current and prior employees. For internship programs, their main website will have testimonies from other students who have participated in the past.


Other Considerations

After pooling together potential opportunities, take time to research what all will be provided vs. what you will need to take care of yourself. Do they require students to relocate? Will they cover housing or are you going to be responsible for finding a place to stay? Will you need to commute?

Once you’ve finished investigating each opportunity, be sure to follow their application instructions carefully and put your best foot forward.

Happy hunting!

Becca Macaluso   Becca 2016
B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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