The Eco-Green Arrow

This summer, I chose to browse through UTD’s online catalog of all the different clubs and organizations that the school has to offer. During my search, I found several that caught my interest, but only one that stole my heart. In the fall, I joined the UTD Archery Club. We had our first club meeting a few weeks into the semester at an indoor archery range, Texas Archer Academy, just a couple miles away from campus.


Before the first meeting, an email was sent out to all the members of the club with a spreadsheet attached for people to ask for or offer rides to others. I put my information in for anyone to contact me if they needed a ride. The day before, I received a text asking for a ride from my new, good friend, Austin. I met several others that first night and more over the next few weeks. I had never truly shot a bow and arrow, but desperately wanted to learn. I wished to be able to go hunting with my sister and brother-in-law someday, but I also have a subtle desire to be like the Green Arrow, or a.k.a. Oliver Queen.


Superhero fantasies aside, I absolutely love shooting now that I am trained and practiced. It gives me chills every time I hear the arrow launch off the bow and sink itself into the target, hanging on the padded wall behind it. It almost reminds me of when I used to listen to a pitch spin as it traveled from the pitcher’s hand into the loud pop of it hitting the back of my catcher’s mitt. Hopefully as mine and other archer members’ experience and skills increase then we will compete in archery competitions with other students from different schools!


Will Henning
B.S. Supply Chain Management
Class of 2017
The University of Texas at Dallas


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