“Viva Volunteer” Helps UTD Students Make a Difference


Whether it’s for medical school applications, for a student organization, or just for fun, volunteering is a wonderful thing to get involved with while in college.  Inside our Student Services Building, you can find the Office of Student Volunteerism (or OSV).  Through the OSV, there are countless opportunities available to help out the UT Dallas community, the Richardson community, and beyond.

This semester, I got to participate in our largest volunteer opportunity of the fall: Viva Volunteer.  Viva Volunteer happens in the fall semester and is on national “Make a Difference Day”.  Students can sign up as part of an organization or as individuals and are then assigned to a company or organization in the surrounding area to dedicate a morning of volunteer work.


I signed up as part of Biomedical Engineering Society and we were assigned to a company called My Possibilities.  My Possibilities is an organization that focuses on secondary education for adults with cognitive impairments.  While there, we helped by completing a deep cleaning of their facilities–something that they didn’t have the man-power to do in just one morning.  We swept and mopped floors, organized different gathering spaces, and got to learn more about the company as a whole.

This year, UT Dallas had over 300 volunteers donate their Saturday morning to save companies over $49,000 and it will hopefully continue to grow in the years to come!  My favorite part about this experience was not only getting to volunteer for an amazing organization like My Possibilities, but also growing closer with members from my own organization.  It has definitely left an impact on me and I hope to see y’all at Viva Volunteers to come!

Becca Macaluso
B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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