UT Dallas Provides Free Cultural Enrichment Opportunities for Students


Going to the University of Texas at Dallas not only makes you a Comet but it means that you are a Dallasite as well. As if there is not already enough to do on campus, downtown Dallas is just quick twenty minutes drive from campus. On a day where you do not have classes, or need to take a personal day, you have the ability to explore and be a part of all the events, and attend museums and theaters in Dallas.

Understandably, as a college student it is a little harder to rack up the money to attend any activities that cost money. At UT Dallas, not only can you use the free transportation, but thankfully, the Carl J. Thomsen Fund for Student Enrichment manages to assist students with by giving you two free tickets to operas, plays, and symphonies downtown.

Every month, students receive an email with all the available tickets as well as the events going on in the city. You get to take your pick on what you want to attend! Recently, thanks to the fund, my friend and I were able to attend an opera at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in the Bishop Arts district. It was not only a cultural experience, but it also allowed me to fully immerse myself in the art side of downtown Dallas.

This day is only one example of things to do in Dallas, so no fear if art is not your thing. UT Dallas will also do raffle for group events to attend free plays on ice, and Dallas Mavericks basketball games as well. So fear not– with minimal effort you are in no way confined to campus or UT Dallas life only. It is recommended and encouraged for you to go out of Richardson, and explore city life outside of your academic and work life!


Lyna Benhacine
B.S. Biology
Class of 2017
The University of Texas at Dallas


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