Love from friends and campus pride gets student through tough times

All college students go through ups and downs.  For me personally, these past two months have been a roller coaster of sorts. I’m not sure if it was the stress of finals or a serious illness (unfortunately, my diagnosis still up in the air), but something attacked my body and took a toll on my ability to go to work and do what I enjoy, go out and have adventures with my friends, go to the tulip festival, have picnics at the lake, and even study for my finals if I’m being completely honest.

However, during these tough times, I’m grateful that the friends I’ve met at UT Dallas have helped me get through the difficult situations. They brought me everything I needed when I was sick, kept my mental breakdowns to a minimum, and helped me study with me when I felt well enough to do so (and another shout out to my parents for trying to make everything as easy as possible to help me get through finals!).

Priya 1

There was one thing I was determined to do, no matter how little energy I had. That was showing my best friend from Florida around UT Dallas. The first thing she said when we walked around the South Mall was, “Wow, this campus is beautiful!” As a Student Tour & Admission Rep (STAR), I felt so proud to be able to show off all of our cool buildings, and especially walk her through the UTD TV office with a backstage tour. The inner tour guide in me always comes out one way or another!

Coming from Florida State University, she got to experience what a day in my life at UT Dallas is like and I’m so glad she enjoyed it. It took her a few tries to get the UTD whoosh down but you know, I’m a good teacher. The moral of my story is– don’t forget to smile with whatever energy you have! The little things are great too.

Priya 2


Priya Gidvani
B.S. Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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