SUAAB hosts fun pool party to welcome new Comets to UT Dallas!

Phase 8 Pool

Earlier this month, the UT Dallas Student Union of Activities & Advisory Board (SUAAB) hosted a party at the Phase 8 Apartment pool for students and incoming freshmen attending orientation. There was delicious pizza and refreshing drinks for attendees as well as a live DJ to keep the party grooving! Students brought beach balls and pool toys for games in the pool.

Next to the pool, people were also diving and spiking in game of sand volleyball. It was such a fun and unique event, but mostly a perfect way to kick off the summer semester for those of us that are in classes. I met a bunch of new Comets and enjoyed cooling off from the hot Texas heat by dipping in the water.

During my time as a Comet, I have truly come to love and appreciate our SUAAB. They set up wonderful favorites all year long for students to meet others and share a good time together. SUAAB plays a huge role in providing opportunities for students to grow and develop the welcoming community that is UT Dallas. I am thrilled to know SUAAB has organized more events during the summer semester to follow up the Phase 8 pool party. I would like to give an immense thank you to the members of SUAAB for doing such an amazing job!

Will Henning
B.S. Supply Chain Management
Class of 2017
The University of Texas at Dallas

Phase 8 Becca & Will


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