Springapalooza brings lots of laughs to campus!

Every year, the week after spring break, UT Dallas puts on its Springapalooza. Springapalooza is a week long celebration of coming back to school, and is full of fun events. Personally, I am a big fan of comedy. “Today’s Comedy Station” on Pandora Radio is easily one of my favorite stations. So when I heard that Demetri Martin, whose acts play on my Pandora station all the time, was coming to do a standup comedy show for Springapalooza, I was overjoyed.

I got my wristband which served as my ticket to enter the show as early as possible during the day, to make sure I got one. The show was at 8, and I had a class from 6-6:50, so immediately once my class was done I rushed over to the Arts and Technology auditorium where the show was to be held. Even though I was over an hour early, there was already a sizable line forming. Apparently I am not the only fan of Demetri Martin’s on campus.

Mr. Martin ended up getting lost on his way to UT Dallas, but he made up for being late with an excellent show. It was awesome to hear his voice, and see some of the jokes that I had heard on Pandora performed live. I had a great seat too, about three rows back, and directly in the center. There really is nothing that will brighten your day like a good comedy show. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when your abs hurt from laughing for two hours straight!

Greg Mork
B.S. Economics & Finance
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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