Radio UTD is outlet for creativity and diversity in music

UT Dallas is such a diverse school that there is no surprise that with it, there is a diverse taste in music. In order to accommodate for all the different types of genres that students want to listen to, Radio UTD has managed to provide a wide range of music day and night for students to listen to either online, or through the app that was created for Radio UTD.

Larce Blake, a two-semester Radio UTD DJ, hosts IRAS Coast Radio Mondays from 8:00PM to 10:00PM. This week I had the great honor of being a guest on his show. The actual DJ room looks very snazzy and holds a large panel of intricate buttons for the DJ to either adjust to volume, create a fade in between songs, or change which type of player he wants to use to play his music.

This week he chose to play Hip-Hop in honor of the type of music I like to listen to. In between songs, Larce and I would answer phone calls and Skype messages that were sent to us by other UTD students, either requesting a song, or commending us on our song choices.

It was a very fun experience, and it definitely required me to get over my fear of sounding silly on the radio. Radio UTD is just one of many organizations that allow students to freely express themselves creatively, and show to the rest of the student body what they are passionate about. It’s a great organization that brings people together with music and who knows, maybe I’ll be joining soon!

Lyna Benhacine
B.S. Biology
Class of 2017
The University of Texas at Dallas

Lyna profile pic


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