Periodically Girly’s Mentoring Program

I am the president of the University of Texas at Dallas student organization called Periodically Girly, a club that is designed to present bonding and volunteering opportunities to female science majors on campus. We have been trying to get a mentoring program established at an elementary school for some time now and I am happy to announce we finally have begun to create one with Brentfield Elementary School.

Brentfield Elementary school is a tier one school that is interested in boosting their district science scores. They contacted Periodically Girly, explained their desire, and we came up with a plan. Officers and members of Periodically Girly will go to the elementary school once a week, meet with the students that have scored lowest on the district exams, and do fun experiments corresponding to the school’s curriculum. For example, if the kids are struggling with diffusion and the vocabulary associated with that concept we will do a demonstration with perfume and talk about how it disperses across the room from high concentration to low concentration.

Our program will also exhibit other activities such as offering family science nights for the school as well as taking the students on field trips to science related places such as the Perot Museum in Dallas. Although we have not done any mentoring events yet, we are very excited to plan all of this out and are ready to put the mentoring plan into action within the month. The organization’s vice president and I just finished meeting with the elementary school’s curriculum planner and it looks like the program will be a success.


(Periodically Girly’s Vice-President, Ebun Adetutu and President Kelly Cody after final meeting at the elementary school.)

Kelly Cody
B.S. Biology
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas



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