Diwali festival lights up UT Dallas

This past month was definitely a fun fest for me! One of the events I really had a blast at was Diwali hosted by ICA (Indian Cultural Association) and HAS (Hindu Students Association). This Hindu festival of lights is celebrated at UTD every year and it sure is a night to remember.

On Friday November 6th, more than 1,200 students gathered at “The Plinth” for one of the most anticipated evenings. I was really excited to attend and see all of the dance performances while cheering for some of my best friends. Several of UT Dallas’ competitive dance teams brought their energy to the stage and blew the crowd away. I was able to get some interviews of people who attended for UTD TV and everyone was impressed by the turn out. People of all backgrounds told me they were there to eat great food and dance to some of the most “hype” music. You could definitely tell that this event took a lot of effort and planning. The event’s emcees were hilarious and made the plinth very lively.priya pic 2priya pic 3

Even after almost two hours of performances, I wished it wasn’t over just yet because there was really just something special about watching teams that represent your school. After aCappella, Bollywood, Bhangra, Raas, and classical performance, you can only imagine how excited all of us “non performers” were to dance whether we had the talent to do so or not. 🙂 This is definitely the night of the year I will look forward to again and again.Priya pic 1


Priya Gidvani
B.S. Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Class of 2018
The University of Texas at Dallas


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